In September of 2013 I stumbled into an internet platform on which people from all corners of the globe were offering a wide variety of creative services for, what seemed to me, impossibly little money.  Some of these ‘gigs’ were boilerplate in nature requiring a minimal amount of original work, but a great many others were fully customizable and quite open-ended.  I was appalled for an instant, for all the reasons you can possibly imagine, but in short order my rat-like brain began to think of ways I could exploit this dubious resource. I quickly brushed past the recognition that whatever I made in this way, though unique as a finger print would still be just one of many bastard siblings multiplying and spreading as other people put their DNA, so to speak, into these same ‘gigs’.  As I eagerly looked through the listings, a veritable smorgasbord of access to low-priced human effort, I could only guess at the machinations taking place on the other side of the screen.  Hmmm.  After some handwringing about who might be doing what to whom, followed by a thorough risk/reward analysis, I decided to engage in this economy.